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Southeastern PA Sierra Club

Who are We?
Executive Committee

Mathew Himmelein, Chair

Dennis Winters, Vice Chair

Anne Lovatt, Secretary
John Butler, Conservation Chair

Bill Brainerd, Political Chair, Program Chair, Calendars

Pat Beaudet
Deborah Barndt
Allan T. Walters
Leslie Siebert
Jeanette MacNeille
Emily Lambert Davis
Executive Committee meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month in the offices of Clean Air Council, 135 S. 19th Street, Suite 300, Philadelphia, PA at 6:45 PM. Next scheduled meeting is Wed. Feb 12, 2014. All members are invited to attend. We especially encourage those interested in volunteering to attend and meet the SPG leaders. Confirm date and location in advance by contacting Chair Mat Himmelein at mathew.himmelein@gmail.com in the event of a change or 215-815-7757

More information on group personnel...

Mathew Himmelein: Group Chair, Chapter Delegate
Dennis Winters: Vice Chair, Treasurer, Membership, Sprawl, Waste, Cool Cities, Transportation, Chapter Delegate, Enviro Education
Anne Lovatt: Secretary, Chapter Alternate Delegate

John Butler: Conservation Chair

Deborah Barndt: Bucks County Representative to SPG Executive Committee, Chapter Alternate Delegate

Bill Brainerd: Outings, Political Chair, Political Compliance Officer, Program Chair, PA Chapter Delegate, Environmental Justice

Jeanette MacNeille: Air Quality, Marine, HELEN admin. Chapter Alternate Delegate

Allan T. Walters: Chapter Alternate Delegate

Sheila Startup: Webmaster

Pat Beaudet: Communications Chair, Calendars

Leslie Seibert: Chester Co. Conservation Comm. Co-Chair
Mary Ciarrocchi: Chester Co. Conservation Comm. Co-Chair

Dave Meiser, Bucks County Conservation Committee Chair, HELEN database administrator