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Anti Mountaintop Removal Coal Mining Project

Philadelphia area volunteers have been organizating to raise awareness of the impact of mountaintop removal (MTR) coal mining the Appalachian regions of Virginia and West Virginia. While coal extracted from the mountains helps to keep our houses warm and the lights on, it has a more insidious affect on the people that live down stream of mining waste. Ground water and streams are contaminated with metals that have long term effects on people and wildlife.

Philadelphia is home to the region 3 headquarters of the EPA, which is responsbile for all of Virginia and West Virginia. We are helping to give a voice to the people of Appalachia. Read more here and here ...

Our next action is a rally at the EPA office in Philadelphia on June 4. To join the Phila/MTR action team, contact Jim at

Support for Pennsylvania's Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard (AEPS)

The AEPS is the mechanism that forces our electric utility companies to slowly transition the mix of energy source from primarily fossil fuels and nuclear to clean and renewable sources like wind and solar. The current requirements call for Tier 1 fuels (solar, wind, geothermal, hydro, methane from bio, biomass, fuel cells, coal mine methane and black liquor) to ramp up to 8% by 2021. And the solar specific portion to ramp to 0.5% by 2021. Sierra Club, and others, supports legislation that would increase these requirements to 15% by 2023 for Tier 1 and 1.5% for solar.

We've seen renewable energy projects create good family-sustaining jobs in the wind and solar industries, as a result of the stimulus created by the original passage of the Alternative Energy Portfolio Standard in 2005. But since that time many of our neighboring states have adopted stronger renewable energy policies while we have languished. As a result, the good green jobs created by our AEPS are being lost to states like New Jersey, Delaware and New York.

To join the Phila/AEPS action team, contact Karen at


Coal-fired power plants are the largest single source of smog-causing pollution in the state, even though most large plants have technology that could reduce emissions by up to 40 percent. Unfortunately, they are not using this life-saving technology as often or as effectively as they should.

Nearly two-thirds of Pennsylvanians, including more than five million people in the Southeast region, live in areas with failing air quality due to smog pollution. The new safeguards are intended to help solve this health crisis. However, the proposed plan fails to set meaningful limits on coal plants that would require them to use available pollution-cutting technology.

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The Beyond Coal Campaign will also be taking action on "bad air" (orange or red designations for ozone pollution) days this summer. People are encouraged to write letters to the editor or op-eds for newspapers in the vicinity. For more information on this, please contact Sue Edwards:

Support for Pennsylvania's Wind Industry with Federal Production Tax Credits

Clean energy like wind and solar had a breakthrough year in 2013, and that sent the fossil-fuel billionaires running scared. They're worried that their profits will be blown away by reliable, cost competitive, American-made wind farms and solar arrays -- energy sources that don't choke Pennsylvanian skies with smog and soot and don't dump toxic mercury and selenium into our beautiful streams and rivers.

Show your support by sending a letter to your congressman here. Check back here for further news on organizing teams that will help support the Wind Productin Tax Credit.

To join the Phila/AEPS action team, contact William at

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