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carbon dioxide

What’s Your Carbon Footprint?
contributed by Lynne Heritage

Our lives require energy for every task. Collectively, all the energy burned has led to global warming. We each are responsible for a portion of that.

This Household Carbon Calculator allows you to measure your portion. Start by gathering last year’s utility and transportation records. The Excel spreadsheet will do the math for you. The total shows how many thousands of pounds of CO2 your household is responsible for emitting. The typical American household emits 50,000 – 60,000 pounds of CO2 each year.

Then consult the list of steps to learn learn ways to cut your emissions. By taking any step, see how much lower your emissions can go.

This all adds up to a smaller carbon footprint!

Realize too, that this calculator is for the energy you use for your home and transportation choices. The energy used to transport the food you buy is a third major area where energy is consumed. Buying fresh, locally produced food dramatically shortens the trip to your table.

The Ecohatchery Carbon Calculator includes credit for choosing a locally produced diet.