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September 21
People’s Climate March, New York City
Bus departure at 6:30 a.m. • Returns 11 p.m.

Learn More! Be Seen! Be Heard!

Reserve your seat on the bus from State College to the People's Climate March in New York City. Leave the driving to us for less than $26 round-trip on our Moshannon Group sponsored bus from State College. Bus departs on Sunday, September 21, 2014 at 6:30 a.m. and is scheduled to return at 11:00 p.m. Student rates available. Reserve your seats today!

Questions? Contact Melody Fleck at 814-954-7788.

The Intersection Between Hydraulic Fracturing and Climate Change (6 min)


Executive committee (ExCom) meetings are held the first Tuesday of the month.

Meetings are open to all Moshannon Group members.

Frack Free Park Campaign

Sierra Club is working with the Save the Loyalsock Coalition to defeat a proposal to expand gas leasing in state parks and forests.

  1. Print out this sign before going to your favorite park or forest.
  2. Hold up the sign and take a “selfie.” Be fun! Be funky!
  3. Send your picture to frackfreeparks@gmail.com and we’ll put it on Tumblr.
  4. Then post to Instagram, Twitter and Facebook with the hashtag #FrackFreeParks.

Gov Don't Frack Our Parks

Thoughts, Suggestions and Tips:

Events to explore

All events and presentations are open to the public as well as Moshannon Group members unless otherwise stated.

Tue, Oct 5 • 5 p.m.
Sierra Club Fall Potluck
Greenmore Gardens

Join the Moshannon Group for an evening at Greenmore Gardens. Burgers, veggie burgers and drinks will be provided. Bring a favorite dish to share.

If you have an event you feel would be of interest to our Group, please send information to our Webmaster.

Development of Natural Gas from Shales: Some Myths and Realities

Professor Anthony Ingraffea

Professor Ingraffea is one of the most articulate voices in the discussion of whether we should be drilling for deep shale natural gas.

Watch it on the Moshannon Group Channel on YouTube

More from Prof. Ingraffea:

Outings to enjoy

All outings are open to the public as well as Moshannon Group members.

Sat, Sep 27 • 9:00 a.m.
Jack's Mountain Impact Hike #2

Two parallel mountains and their shared valley seated in Moshannon Group’s member area provide peaceful residences for people as well as critical habitat and migratory corridors for wildlife. This second outing is a 7-mile shuttle hike, using mostly gentle-grade public use access forest roads through permitted private lands to the top of Jacks, where east-west views abound with a couple of short, steep sections. Guides tell the many stories of Jacks, including history, usage today, diverse wildlife, and unique geologic structure as participants walk its ground to understand where it’s been and potentially where it’s going. Pack lunch/water. Meet Belleville, beyond the junction of Front Mountain Rd and Lewistown Rd, proceeding on Lewistown Rd to the bottom west side of Jacks Mountain, and stopping at a driveway on the left with a cluster of mailboxes. See google map: http://goo.gl/maps/Ok4hP or meet 8 a.m. at the State College Hills Plaza McDonald’s to carpool/drive to the area. For more info contact hike leader, Terri Davis at nugenie@aol.com or 814-355-3345. In case of inclement weather, tentative postpone date is Sunday, Sept 28, 9 a.m.

Sat, Oct 4 • 9 a.m.
Little Juniata Cleanup

Little Juniata River Association will conduct its 2nd annual Float Crew clean up of the Lil J Natural Area. The clean up will start at the Spruce Creek Church and end at the Green Hills Campground and last until about 12:30 p.m. Coffee and snacks will be available at the Spruce Creek Church at the put-in; a soup "cook-off" lunch will be ready at the take-out at Green Hills. Hikers are encouraged to participate and will be ferried to problem spots along the river where needed. Shuttle service will be available.
   Last year LJRA removed 1.5 tons of trash, including 50+ tires. At the annual general riverbank clean up in April, a few LJRA members and friends managed to camp, hike and float out 15 large bags of trash, 3 fifty gallon drums and assorted large items and tires. The Natural Area is MUCH cleaner than it was this time last year. Our goal is to get a good October turn out and get this Pennsylvania gem back to the pristine condition it deserves.

Visit our Facebook page for more available outings
Find Us on Facebook!

Find us on Facebook

Outings News

The Moshannon Group Outings Chair seeks additional outings leaders to expand and diversify outing locations.

Read about leading an outing...

Need ideas for a daytrip or a weekend outing?
Check out our “On The Trail” columns for articles about central Pennsylvania outings to help plan your next nature walk, hiking, backpacking, camping or paddling excursion.

Issues to protect

*** Go to Bat for PA Bats ***
Endangered Bats Need Official Listing by
from PA Game Commission

Three species of bats — northern long-eared, tri-colored, and little brown bats — have experienced a 95% decline in population due to white-nose syndrome (WNS) in the last 4 years warranting an Endangered status listing and protection. Read the Moshannon Group’s letter to the Pennsylvania Game Commission and feature articles to learn more about this issue.

Feature articles:

*** Ongoing Issue ***
Marcellus/Shale Gas Drilling

Groundwater, surface water, air quality, and wildlife habitat resources at risk. See our Marcellus Shale page for more information and resources.

Loyalsock SF/Clarence Moore Tracts in Peril:
Ecological Values of Loyalsock SF Testimony (Zeph, 2013)

On The Trail: Loyalsock State Forest ‘Moore Tracts’ Road Tour

DCNR Natural Gas Impacts Mapping Analysis referenced in On The Trail — Quehanna Wild Area

Interactive Map of Deep Shale Gas Wells and Wind Turbines (existing and projected) from The Nature Conservancy

Act Now: Seven Steps to Make Marcellus Shale Gas Drilling Safer

*** Take Action ***
Allegheny National Forest Wilderness

Send a Letter to Your U.S. Senators and Representative — Help permanently protect the remaining wilderness in ANF. Read about the ANF Wilderness proposal to learn more.

Wind Power Development

Inappropriate placement of wind farms planned for Central PA ridgetops.

Centre County Landfill — SUCCESS!

America’s “largest landfill East of the Mississippi” for other states’ garbage proposed for Centre County. See stoplandfill.com to learn more about this issue.

More details about Issues...

Swallowtail butterfly on echineachea
Swallowtail butterfly on Echinacea
Photo by Helena Kotala

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See you out there!

Bull elk from Pennsylvania Elk country
Bull elk in Moshannon country
Photo by Helena Kotala
Sierra Club Green Home Website

Thinking about installing a solar electric system for your home? Want to know how to keep your lawn healthy without all of the chemicals? Are you curious about how to reduce your home’s carbon footprint? For most people, the journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle begins at home.

That’s why, as part of our mission to help people explore, enjoy, and protect the planet, we’re pleased to announce the launch of our partner website, Sierra Club Green Home, which was created to help individuals, like you, take simple steps to green their homes.

By helping people make their homes more energy efficient, ecologically sustainably, and healthy, Sierra Club Green Home advances our efforts to improve the environment.

Sierra Club Green Home is an information-rich resource that provides a wealth of information regarding environmentally friendly products and practices relating to every aspect of home life.


We acknowledge that part of being ecologically responsible involves what happens within our own households. We participate in responsible use of resources when we are careful to recycle our wastes, but recycling takes on a broader meaning if we utilize the resources available locally in Freecycle.

Tired of that well-intentioned project item taking up space but feeling guilty about tossing it? Have outgrown clothes or toys that are usable but not yard sale-worthy? If you would like to pass items on to your neighbors for free, consider giving them away through Freecycle™.

Acquiring used items locally rather than buying new can help reduce your carbon footprint. To find the local group for where you live visit:


The Sierra Club is a dedicated grassroots environmental organization, inspired by and pursuing John Muir’s goals: