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Protect Wild Utah!! RedRock Wilderness Event

Thursday, May 22, 7pm,

Northampton Township Library     

The landscape of southern Utah is home to precious wildlife, stunning vistas, and the awe-inspiring remains of prehistoric cultures. Unfortunately many of these treasures remain unprotected from oil and gas leasing, tar sands, and damage from off-road vehicles. Join Rachel Briggs of the Southern Utah Wilderness Association and the Bucks-Mont County Sierra Club Conservation Committee to learn more about this national treasure and how you can help protect it! 

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This website update features a Utah theme in recognition of this event.



The Trans-Pacific Partnership is called, by people in the know (and there are waaaay too few of them) as 'NAFTA on Steroids", and for good reason.

It is a trade partnership agreement that neatly circumvents the rights of a nation to regulate the law in regards to the health and safety of their nation and its inhabitants, including the non-human kind. it hands power to a not-so-select group of corporations to place their never-ending search for profits above the rights of a government, on all levels of government to make sure that their water and air are clean, that land is not destroyed, that resources aren't extracted will-nilly, that the rights of their people to live their lives without molestation. How?
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