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By: Sharon Furlong

After 90+ years on this planet, Pete Seeger departed.

The man who was part of the folk music revival that became a revolution in its own right, starting in the 1950's and gathering steam in the 1960's and 1970's. It became a voice for causes along the way, and Pete Seeger was one of its clearest and most beautiful forces for good.

The man who started singing about land spent a great deal of his older years singing about water. But always, Pete Seeger was singing about people getting together to celebrate the world we live in, the need for community, the facilitation of love that leads us into creating our better selves....selves that in turn may lead to love and concern and protection of the planet. He became known as the singer who refused to do a concert on his own but rather preferred to get his audience to sing with him. He became known as a leader who refused to give in to the temptations of ego that comes with fame and adoration, and preferred to inspire others to take the limelight. But he could command a stage by the very nature of his being.

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The Trans-Pacific Partnership is called, by people in the know (and there are waaaay too few of them) as 'NAFTA on Steroids", and for good reason.

It is a trade partnership agreement that neatly circumvents the rights of a nation to regulate the law in regards to the health and safety of their nation and its inhabitants, including the non-human kind. it hands power to a not-so-select group of corporations to place their never-ending search for profits above the rights of a government, on all levels of government to make sure that their water and air are clean, that land is not destroyed, that resources aren't extracted will-nilly, that the rights of their people to live their lives without molestation. How?
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