National Sierra Club

Robin Mann leading hike

Courtesy Aaron Wilson

Sierra Club
members and supporters are are more than 1.3 million of your friends and neighbors. Through grassroots activism, public education, lobbying and litigation, the Sierra Club works to protect the health of our environment and the preservation of our remaining wild places.

The Sierra Club also works to build alliances with other groups, like labor unions, religious groups, hunters and anglers, and poor and minority communities. Recently, the Sierra Club and the United Steelworkers signed on to a Blue-Green Alliance, a strategic alliance to pursue a joint public policy agenda under the banner of Good Jobs, Green Jobs.

One of the ways many people become familiar with the Sierra Club is through our books and calendars.

Sierra Club Books has published more than 700 titles and sold more than 14 million books and calendars since its inception. The Books Department publishes books for children and adults, and chapters and groups raise money every year by selling calendars.

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