Executive committee meetings

Chapter Excom meeting

Courtesy Joan Wilson


ExCom meetings are open to all members. Although members who aren’t part of the ExCom can’t vote, they can suggest agenda items prior to meetings and make their voices heard during Conservation Committee presentations.

Executive Committee (ExCom) meetings are held in various locations around the state and are listed at right. Check with your local delegate or contact the Chapter office for start times and more information about upcoming meetings.

The Chapter ExCom focuses on three primary areas:

Conservation: The Chapter Conservation Committee allocates staff time and financial resources for about six of the many issues that come up each year. The choice is determined by a variety of factors, including bills that are pending in the legislature, precedent-setting cases, or strong support from Sierra Club members.

Politics: The excom discusses political campaigns and issues, and determines which candidates to endorse. Upcoming subjects include the various state races, and environmental ethics.

Organizational development: The excom oversees the operation of the Club’s Harrisburg office, identifies new leaders, and provides them with mentoring and training.

Our Chapter ExCom is composed of three delegates from the Southeastern Group, two from the Allegheny Group, and one from each of the other groups. Additionally, three At-Large Delegates are elected by the general membership. The excom elects its own officers, including the Conservation Chair, who appoints the 14 Conservation Issue Chairs, each focusing on a specific conservation topic such as air quality, public lands, or water quality.

The Chapter Executive Committee (ExCom) meets between four and six times a year in locations near the middle of the state. This includes the annual family retreat weekend in July.